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Welcome to my website.  I am so glad we found each other.   My name is Chelsea and I am an energy healer living in upstate New York. I have been practicing Reiki (and energy work) for 5 years.


The Master level of Reiki is called Shinpiden which means “mystery teachings” in Japanese. Becoming a Reiki Master and accepting the life path of always being open to the mysteries of life fills me with such purpose. Reiki and Energy work has transformed my life personally and I love being able to see what energy work can do for you! :)


My training also includes Esoteric Healing, Shamanic practices and Restorative Yoga.

From my knowledge and experience of different types of energy modalities, I curate healing sessions that personally fit my clients needs.


I want to share the gift of energy healing with you, whether it be through hands-on energy treatments, distance healing or by teaching and attuning you so that you can use it on yourself and loved ones. 


61 Rowland St. Suite 222
Ballston Spa, New York


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"As a Reiki Master Teacher and Esoteric Healer, Chelsea Leathem “gets it”. I have personally experienced her extraordinary physiotherapeutic treatment. Her sensitivity, curiosity and investigative mind are the backdrop for her ability to connect on each level of human relationships.

As a client of Chelsea, I immediately felt confident in her development of a collaborative progressive plan, based on my particular needs, and executed in a safe environment.

Through her master healing skills, Chelsea continues to design my personal journey, directed at harnessing my unique energetic profile to target my specific needs. My experience with Chelsea has been life transforming."

Kathy D. CT (Distance Esoteric Healing Client)

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