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My name is Chelsea and I am an energy healer living in upstate New York. 

To say that I am an energy healer doesn’t totally align with how I see the work that I do. I am more of a “SOULcial worker” who creates the space for my clients to receive the healing that their Soul already knows they need. In an environment of non-judgement, unconditional love, discernment and connection, you, as my client, can be present in your own personal essence and feel safe and supported. 

My purpose has always been to bring healing to the world.  As a young child my hands would always itch. I believe it was my body’s physical way of releasing the energy that was flowing through me.  After graduating college with a political science degree, I worked for 10 years as a grassroots organizer in the wind energy business, leaving in 2016 to become a stay-at-home mom. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my second child that I was pulled back to the energy sensations of my hands. It was as if they were pulling me toward energy work! 

I have since become a Reiki Master (in 2020) and am truly living the life I always dreamed of. Using my training, knowledge, instincts and experience with different energy modalities, I personalize healing sessions to fit my clients’ needs.  My training and offerings also include Esoteric Healing, restorative yoga (level 2) and Shamanic practices.

The Master level of Reiki is called Shinpiden which means “mystery teachings” in Japanese. My life mantra is to “always remain teachable”. As I continue my path of learning and understanding, remaining open to the mysteries of life fills me with such purpose and is the reason why I became an energy healer (or SOULcial worker!).

Let me create a safe space for you to receive the energy you need. As your clear and grounded guide, I am simply a loving source of peace and comfort on your journey to receive whatever it is your Soul needs from our sessions.


61 Rowland St. Suite 222
Ballston Spa, New York


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